Jon Gordon's Energy Tip The Benefits of Silence
November 14, 2005 - Volume 4, Week 46

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  • The Benefits of Silence

    "When you're in solitary confinement and you're six feet under without light, sound, or running water, there is no place to go but inside. And when you go inside, you discover that everything that exists in the universe is also within you."
    -Rubin Carter, The Hurricane

    When was the last time you sat in silence and heard the sound of your breath and felt the stillness of your soul? If you are like most people it's probably been a while. The fact is we live in a busy, noisy world filled with the sounds of sirens, tv's, ring tones, iPods, and radios. We know we need to slow down for our health and happiness and yet it often seems impossible. We have become so addicted to busyness, noise, "doing" and "achieving" that we have forgotten how to just "be" and "rest." We have forgotten how good it truly feels to be still and silent.

    Think of silence as a big ocean of energy. Now realize that we are like a rubber balloon inside the ocean. We are always connected with this ocean but the rubber in the balloon keeps us separate from it. The rubber in the balloon represents noise and busyness that keeps us from silence. When we find silence the rubber in the balloon dissolves and we become one with the ocean and in the process we receive all the energy and power of the ocean. This is the power of silent energy.

    So today I invite you to jump off the treadmill of life, shut off the cell phone, turn off the computer, pause the iPod and find a brief moment of silence and experience the power of silent energy. At first you may feel like jumping out of your skin. If this is the case, know that you need to do this more than anyone. Each moment that we fill with noise, instead of silence, is a lost opportunity for enhanced energy, focus and mental clarity. For within silence sits the energy to recharge our batteries-to refuel our tired lives, to help us renew and create. Best of all silence is more energizing than a double latte, cheaper than a can of Red Bull and more available than any fuel supply on the planet. The energy of silence always waits patiently, telling you, "I am here when you need me. Be still and let me fuel you up. I am ready when you are."

    Today schedule just 10-minutes of silence for yourself and realize you'll be receiving the following benefits:

    • Feel Younger and Re-energized
    • Improve Your Happiness and Focus
    • Reduce Your Stress and Increase Your Positive Energy
    • Increase Your Health and Strengthen Your Immune System
    • Immediately Feel Empowered and Ready to Take Any Challenge Life Throws at You

    To help you practice tapping the power of silence I have created a powerful new audio CD. It's called SILENT ENERGY. Listen to the first track now, get the CD and use it as a tool to help you fuel up with silent energy each day. For more information about the benefits of Silent Energy, to listen to track 1 and purchase your copy today, Click Here.

    Sending Positive Energy Your Way,
    - Jon

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    Ask Jon

    I have a question and/or situation that maybe you can help me with. I was a chubby child from age 10 - college...lost lots of weight in college and held my own in my 20's... Slowly, after three children, I have gained weight, and am 44 yrs old now, and at my highest weight ever. I hired a personal trainer and am taking/following a nutrition program at the same time. I have lost 7 pounds, but seems that the food part of the program is kicking my rear end. I find it very difficult to follow the program for a long period of time - I love working out, and want to be a success story, but just can't seem to want to eat right - it is sooooo difficult for me. How did you get to the point of eating right - especially for me - having been eating wrong for over 30 years? I'm frustrated and want this to be the LAST time I lose weight - but having to lose 70 pounds just seems like an endless journey for me... Help!

    Tools for Success

    Click Here to visit Jon's Tools for Success page where you can find all the latest resources to help you increase your energy. From CD's and DVD's to books and programs.

    Silent Energy - Audio CD
    Now Available... Click Here to listen to a sample track and order your copy today!

    10-Minute Fitness Plan: Live Tele-Class

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    Links of the Week

    Success Stories Needed for National Media
    A Special Request from Jon Gordon
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    The Vision--Book One of the Green Stone of Healing(tm) Series
    First-of-a-series novel with themes of healing, and the importance of the wise and loving use of energy.
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    Jon's Energy Seminars and Workshops

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    101 Mental, Physical & Spiritual Ways to Energize Your Life

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