Additional Bonus Gifts from Jon Gordon:
Below is a listing of the additional bonus gifts you will receive from Jon Gordon when you purchase your copy of his book Energy Addict.


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* BONUS 1 *

Jon Gordon 's 10-Day Energy Addict Challenge (A $50 Value)

This 10-day plan will start you on your track to become an Energy Addict and get addicted to positive habits and routines. Each day is marked by a key energy building strategy to help you on your way.


* BONUS 2 *

Energy Teleseminar ($100 Value)

You will receive an invitation to join in on one of Jon's upcoming teleseminars and participate in one of the most powerful, inspiring and informative lectures you have ever heard. Jon shares proven strategies backed by the latest scientific research, inspirational stories, and simple, powerful action steps to help you fuel your life, energize your career and get addicted to positive energy.

* BONUS 3 *

The Energy Addict e-Newsletter ($100 Value)

An inspiring weekly e-newsletter that will support you on your journey to become an Energy Addict. It is filled with tips, ideas, strategies and inspiration to help you increase your mental, physical, and spiritual energy.

* BONUS 4 *

Audio Energy Tips ($50 Value)

Each week Jon will send you a free Audio Energy tip. This quick, 60 to 120 second message will inspire you to take on the day and infuse it with positive energy.

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* BONUS 5 * Special Report ($50 Value)

A special report, which features success interviews with Jon Gordon and 5 other amazing authors / speakers, as well as follow up assignments, all designed to improve the most important areas of your life easily and effortlessly.

* BONUS 6*

A 21-day enlightenment e-course from Infinite Health ($50 Value)

You can take just minutes a day to step back and see the whole picture, understand the real purpose and gain the perspective that turns all of your life into one coherent effort.

* BONUS 7*

Keys To Lasting Love e-book from Infinite Health ($50 Value)

Gain Keys To Overcome Problems Or Differences... And Essential Tools To Sustain A Rewarding Partnership! - By John Grey, Ph.D. & Bonney Grey, R.N.

* BONUS 8*

Mind Power News e-book ($37 Value)

"Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters"


* BONUS 9*

Relationship Power Package ($98 Value)

A one-hour teleseminar , "Relationship Power: Understanding
Office Politics," a $79 value, by former AOL-insider and author Mary Foley,
PLUS a copy of her e-book, " 10 Bodacious Ways for a Bodacious Career! " This e-book is Mary's "cheat sheet" for creating the career you want, based on her bestselling book " Bodacious! Career. "


* BONUS 10*

Subscription to the Arcamax “ Business Success ” report ($65 Value)

When you confirm your FREE subscription, you'll instantly receive 3 FREE special reports: "87 Marketing Secrets of the Written Word" by Marketing Legend Ted Nicholas; “The Top 10 Mistakes Made by Sales Reps When Using the Phone” by Telephone Sales Guru Art Sobczak; and “How to Avoid The 10 Most Common Advertising Mistakes”, a 43 page primer by direct marketing geniuses Jeff Paul and Jim Fleck.

* BONUS 11*

Reality Shifters e-book ($20 Value)

Shine with the Aura of Success by Cynthia Sue Larson -- author of " AURA ADVANTAGE : How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success."

* BONUS 12 *

Positive Habits e-course ($39 Value)

Put your Mind and Body on Autopilot and reach your goals automatically
with this amazing e-course by Dan Robey, the author of the best-selling book "The Power of Positive Habits."

* BONUS 13 *

The Ultimate Relaxation CD Download from Mr. Positive ($20 Value)

Start enjoying the benefits of this Positive tool for deep relation and stress reduction today.


* BONUS 14 *

Inspiration & Motivation To Go e-book by ($14.95 Value)

A collection of the 60 most-loved editions of Your Daily Dose of Happiness.


* BONUS 15 *

WisdomNews 6-week e-course ($50 Value)

Ananda: Blissful Living. Free 6-week e-course about Ayurveda , India 's 5,000 year old "Science of Life", from Lissa Coffey, Dosha Diva.


* BONUS 16 *

Make Your Dreams A Reality e-course ($Priceless Value)

WAKE UP TO THE DREAM : How to Make Your Dreams A Reality NOW!

A 12-Week Interactive E-Course by Eva Gregory .


* BONUS 17 *

Email Course "Diet Is A Four Letter Word" ($100 Value)

Successful weight loss begins with a realistic goal. If you're overweight, shedding just 5 - 10 percent of your weight can significantly boost your health and sense of well being.


* BONUS 18 *

Inspiration Line weekly e-zine ($10 Value)

Inspiration Line is a free weekly e-mail magazine offering self-help, motivation, health tips, travel guides, humor and positive life coaching.


* BONUS 19 *

Jeff Keller 's Attitude is Everything e-zine ($10 Value)

* BONUS 20*

101 Romantic Ideas e-book ($13.95 Value)

A free guide to 101 romantic ideas from The Romantic


* BONUS 21*

Get the Prize: Nine Keys for a Life of Victory e-book ($10 Value)

"In the race of life, are you focused on the prize? Through these nine keys, internationally acclaimed author and speaker Larry Hehn equips you to make the most of your talents, achieve your full potential and become the person you were meant to be."

* BONUS 22 *

25+ Journaling Prompts That Will Get You Writing and FREE Subscription to Journalution Newsletter by Sandy Grason ($50 Value)


* BONUS 23 *

Empowering Messages Audio Energy tip ($Priceless Value)

An audio interview with Jon Gordon on


* BONUS 24 *

The Right Relationship Can Happen e-course by Nancy Pina ($97 Value)

Discover how to attract the right relationship partner starting with this inspirational e-course by Nancy Pina, relationship expert and author of “The Right Relationship Can Happen.”


* BONUS 25 *
One-hour teleseminar, "Relationship Power: Understanding Office Politics," ($79 value) By former AOL-insider and author Mary Foley,
PLUS a copy of her e-book, "10 Bodacious Ways for a Bodacious Career!" This e-book is Mary's "cheat sheet" for creating the career you want, based on herbestselling book "Bodacious! Career." Value: $19.95 Mary's teleseminar and e-book total $98.95!

* BONUS 26 *

"Top Ten Internet Marketing Strategies for High Performance Websites"

e-book & critique ($169.95 value)
Is your website bringing in more business than you can handle? If not, you'll want 30 minutes of time with online marketing diva Barbara Keddy. She'll review your website and tell you how to improve it. This critique is valued at $150, and is available in limited quantities. PLUS, get Barbara's e-guide, the "Top Ten Internet Marketing Strategies for High Performance Websites," and learn what it really takes to be successful on the Internet. Value: $19.95 This web bonus package is valued at $169.95!



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