The Energy Bus

Leadership Program

Energy is the currency of personal and team success.



Have you ever thought about how much negativity, stress,

low morale, fatigue and burnout is costing your company? 

Gallup estimates the national cost to be a trillion dollars in lost productivity each year. Clearly there is a huge gap between the results your leaders and employees are expected to deliver and the energy they posses to make it happen. Our goal is to close this gap and help your leaders, managers and employees fuel their life, work and teams with the energy to enhance personal and team success and performance.


Never before has energy been so important. Energy is the foundation of contagious leadership, positive employees, focused initiatives, sales growth, inspired customer service, and team effectiveness.


In this spirit we invite you to get on The Energy Bus and learn powerful, practical strategies based on the newest research in energy, positive psychology, emotional leadership and peak performance to enhance your productivity, profits and people.


These are the same proven strategies shared with the PGA Tour, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the FBI and companies such as Chubb Insurance, Bank of America, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Dell.


Learning Objectives:

  • Focus and unite your team on the same bus and drive it in the right direction.

  • Cultivate positive energy within your people and TEAM.

  • Enhance energy, health and happiness for high performance.

  • Share positive, contagious energy with your customers so they become loyal, repeat customers.

  • Develop Chief Energy Officers within your company that build customer loyalty, boost profits, and create meaningful guest interactions that make their day.

  • Strategies to neutralize and overcome negativity.

  • Create a powerful shared vision and team purpose.

Benefits Include:


  • More Energy for Enhanced Performance
  • Enhanced Focus and Productivity
  • Reduced Negativity, Fatigue and Burnout
  • Winning Energy Throughout the Company
  • Happier, Healthier Leaders
  • Enhanced Morale


"Jon Gordon is a master at teaching people the power of positive energy. If you want to increase your joy and effectiveness as well as your energy level, read this book."

- Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Gung Ho!


"Jon Gordon’s 10-Minute Energy Solution will help you improve your energy and performance on and off the course."

- Fred Funk, PGA Tour Golfer, Rider Cup Team Member, The Players Champion 2005

CTX Mortgage Company

“Jon, you were AWESOME !!! Your message on energy, vision, and a focused work ethic has my managers back on track. In the competitive environment we find ourselves today, you just have to be better than our competition in all areas. As you said, it starts with Energy, and they jumped on The Energy Bus because the time is NOW!! They have a renewed focus to apply our sales management strategies in a way that is positive and motivating. Thanks for the ride on The Energy Bus.”

 - Jack Karaszewski, Executive Vice President Southeast Region Retail

Noodles & Company
"At our annual Summit in the Rocky Mountains, we gave Jon the unenviable task of delivering the keynote address on the final morning to an audience of 250 weary restaurant managers and headquarters staff.  Not easy.  Fifteen minutes into it, I had people whispering to me “that this was good!”  For the next 75 minutes Jon had the entire group listening intently to his every word, cheering at all the right times, taking copious notes and leaving the meeting on a terrific high with actionable steps to return and become their own CEOs.  You could feel the energy. I highly recommend Jon Gordon!"
 - John Puterbaugh, Vice President, Human Resources

Prudential Network Realty

"Jon, you were absolutely terrific at our general sales meeting today - your presentation was inspiring and applicable to each of us, professionally and personally. I believe the concept of acting as a "Love Magnet" encouraged our already generous sales professionals to go above and beyond expectations.. You succeeded in mesmerizing the audience with your message and sincere, enthusiastic delivery. And judging by the crowd around the book table, you left many people hungry for more!"

- Linda H. Sherrer, President and CEO  

Chubb Insurance
"Using powerful facts and insightful stories, Jon Gordon infused our agents with a new level of contagious, courageous and compassionate energy! The practical advice he shared would benefit anyone seeking to enhance their ability to be a more successful, consultative sales professional."
- Patricia Encinas, Chubb Agency Education

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