Pelissero: The time we heard about the Juice Brothers in Panthers locker room

..."GET ON THE ENERGY BUS. That’s what we’re about, is positive energy,” Coleman said. “It’s electric. There’s a book. We all read the book. It’s called the Energy Bus.”


The Jets’ Resident Bookworm Has Some Advice—for Himself

I'm actually reading a book right now called the "No Complaining Rule" by Jon Gordon. That's always been my approach—never to complain about it and just embrace it." - Brandon Marshall


Paging Through the Knicks’ Summer Reading List

The book is one of several that Fisher, the Knicks’ second-year coach, has handed out to some of his players as a kind of summer reading list.


How Paul Goldschmidt turned himself into a perennial MVP candidate

He has also become an avid reader. His tastes run toward tomes that concern leadership and overcoming adversity, such as Jon Gordon's The Carpenter ...


An unexpected playbook

Former Cornell lacrosse player Jon Gordon’s books have made an impact in locker rooms nationwide


Self-help book has more teams riding 'Energy Bus'

"That book really helped me, especially during training camp because it got a little hard but perception is everything," Tennessee defensive end Corey Vereen said.


5 Ways to Rekindle Your Optimism After You Crash and Burn

The life of an entrepreneur is filled with setbacks. We have a great idea (well, what we thought was a great one, anyway) that just doesn’t take off. We screw up and lose a client. We don’t screw up and still lose a client. We run out of money. A valued employee leaves. That’s just the way it goes when you choose this life.


Even with ‘camp body,’ corner Alvin Hill standing out for Terps

Jon Gordon visited the team last week and spoke about contributing “your one percent,” Hill said Monday. The visit left an impression on the junior corner, who later wrote down that he would contribute one percent more to each of his teammates than before.


Energetic Bruins win MCAC title

The Energy Bus finds out its next destination on Thursday.

That’s when the Bellevue Bruin softball team will find out where it will play its NAIA National Tournament Opening Round games.


Shelton Gets On ‘The Energy Bus’

When Washington coach Chris Petersen asked his players to read “The Energy Bus,” Danny Shelton wasn’t quite sure what to think of the assignment.After three successful seasons, the defensive lineman thought he had things figured out, at least when it came to football.The more he read, though, the more he realized what he could accomplish if he added the right energy to his combination of size and strength. “I loved the book,” Shelton said.


Hooper, Yori Find Booster Shots of Energy

The 2010 National Women’s Basketball Coach of the Year and the reigning Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year agreed with her superstar’s assessment. “Our staff all went to hear Jon Gordon the next morning,” Connie Yori said. “When I left that meeting, I felt rejuvenated. It was awesome. Jon is one of the best speakers, if not the best speaker, we’ve ever had here.”


Clemson's football team seeks the right words to launch a successful season

Jon Gordon, author of the bestselling book “The Energy Bus,” visited with the team a few weeks ago, passing along a message of positivity and prompting the word selection.


Want to complain? You can’t work at Align Networks

Management at Align Networks has built an attractive internal culture based largely on one rule: No complaining. More specifically, employees are not allowed to complain unless they can come up with a solution for the issue they’re complaining about. The rule goes hand-in-hand with...


Energy Bus Author Inspires Stanton, Others

“That’s the way to start a new semester,” Stanton said after listening to Jon Gordon speak for an hour and then answer questions from a crowd that represented all 24 Husker varsity sports. “I thought Mr. Gordon’s speech got everyone’s mind on the right track. It inspired me getting ready to go into such an important spring,” Stanton said. “It really gave me some good thoughts to focus in on.”


Santa Clara head coach Kerry Keating is building the Broncos into a contender, one word at a time

It’s part of the message from the book Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon, which counts the likes of coaches Mark Richt (Georgia football) and Doc Rivers (Boston Celtics) as believers. The Broncos have joined the club...


Energetic Huskers Build on Their Philosophy

For Revelle and everyone around her, The Energy Bus is more than a book. It’s this season’s team mission and collective mindset ... a battle cry that has been woven into the Huskers’ psyche like few, if any other teams that Revelle has coached.


Do the world and yourself some good, stay positive

"We all have two dogs inside of us. One dog is positive, happy, optimistic and hopeful. The other dog is negative, mad, sad, pessimistic and fearful," says Gordon. "The more you feed the positive dog, the more it grows. The more you starve the negative dog, the more it shrinks and weakens."


Lady Monarchs bring quite the energy along on this ride...

Get on "The Energy Bus." The Lady Monarchs are all aboard. Old Dominion is playing this season with more enthusiasm, excitement and, yes, energy, than it has in some time, buying completely into the philosophies of a coach once nicknamed "Red Bull." For proof, don't...


Positive Behavior Theme for Hudson Maxim Students

The teachers and staff at Hudson Maxim School have seen positive changes in the school environment after implementing this year's character education theme "Life is Good." The theme, based on the best-selling book "The Energy Bus For Kids" by Jon Gordon has...


Morris: Boyd mastering the power of positive thinking

Boyd says he made an attitude adjustment after hearing Jon Gordon, a nationally known expert on the power of positive thinking, speak to the Clemson team this summer. It led Boyd to read Gordon’s book “Energy Bus: Ten Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy.”


Let Optimism Change Your World

The economy has been bad for a while. People and businesses are struggling. Yet there are many people and businesses that are rising above that with a mentality of optimism. I’m one of them. You can be too Jon Gordon, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Energy Bus has a new book about the power of faith and positivity in one’s life and...


Women's Lacrosse: Halfpenny has new season philosophy

Everyone is on the bus — the energy bus, that is.

New Irish coach Christine Halfpenny has not only changed the philosophy of the program already this season, but also has altered the team's reading list, requiring every player to read The Energy Bus. The book, written by Jon Gordon, was assigned over winter break and preaches positive energy in a team environment.


School staff read book to help encourage positive energy

“No negativity allowed” signs hang throughout Principal Lisa Sigmon’s office at Bostian Elementary. And teachers at the school wear “no excuses” pins.

The school’s staff is...


Crashing the Myth of Work/Life Balance

Most of us live our lives like we’re on a tightrope, teetering between giving our all at work, giving our all to family, getting just enough sleep, and then doing it again the next day. We call it...


Sixers Book Club: Team Reading Jon Gordon's 'Training Camp'

Sixers' coach Doug Collins took time to meet with the media following his team's first practice last Friday night. Sitting on a fold-up table...


UGA, Falcons ride ‘Energy Bus,' rid team of ‘vampires'

“I was out for a simple approach to deal with a big problem – negativity,” Gordon said while in town last month at the Business Growth Expo. “Telling someone they are an ‘energy vampire’ put a name with the problem.”


Georgia Bulldogs' bus rolling

Before the season, Georgia's football coaches adopted a bus theme from Jon Gordon's book, "The Energy Bus."


Richt's meetings with Falcons' Smith, author bring new energy to Bulldogs' operations

Athens-Online: Richt earlier this summer provided players a copy of Jon Gordon's book "The Energy Bus", which offers "10 rules to fuel your life, work and team with positive energy."...


Georgia taking the 'Energy Bus' to Atlanta?

CBS Sports: ...As it turns out, the concept of enthusiasm-sapping children-of-the-night was borrowed from the book "The Energy Bus," by Jon Gordon, which has recently become a favorite of football coaches far and wide...


Gain insight from corporate America’s top 20 reading picks

Miami Herald: Here are the top 20 bestsellers for July 2011, plus descriptions of the Top 10.


Optimism is good business

TimesUnion.com: Jon Gordon is all about being optimistic and having a vision. That's probably what made Gordon, a best-selling author, speaker and...


Smith's success with Falcons a matter of balance

"Smith has leaned also on the leadership philosophies of Jon Gordon, whose books he has handed out to players and whose positive skew he seems to incorporate as another part of his game plan."


Spartans focus play to get on 'Energy Bus'

Inspired by Jon Gordon's book "The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy," assistant coach Mike Gawlik proposed the team apply the best-seller's inspiring messages to its practices and games...

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Smith's book club aims to motivate

Falcons coach Mike Smith has team read Training Camp


Fox and Friends Training Camp

Watch Jon on Fox & Friends

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MarketWatch TV

Watch video of Jon discussing The No Complaining Rule on Market Watch, a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


Business Books: Making the workplace a gripe-free zone

Article from Reuters, also featured on Forbes.com and a number of other business sites.


WSJ.com - Quote from CEO of LG.Philips [full article]

WSJ: Which business books have contributed to your approach?

Mr. Kwon: When I was agonizing over job cuts, I was helped out by the book "The Energy Bus" ["The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy"] by Jon Gordon. I learned not to waste energy on those who don't get o your bus, and to keep off the bus "energy vampires," who don't work hard or efficiently but always complain about what the company can't do for them. Without them, you can move your bus more easily in the right direction. Luckily, there were not many energy vampires in LG.Philips LCD.

  NY Times - Quote from NBA Seattle Super Sonics' GM, Sam Presti. "The last book Presti read was The Energy Bus. His synopsis: a management book that shows readers how they can affect situations by how they frame them — an appropriate theme this season."

Florida Times Union

Georgia Rule filmmakers inspired by Jon Gordon's Silent Energy audio CD


Positive Thinking Magazine

"Love Your Passengers" - Article from Jon's monthly column. Mar/Apr 2007 issue.


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Fighting negativity in office can make people more productive"



Read Jon's recent article, "The Other Energy Crisis: How Negativity is Costing Companies Billions" on Forbes.com.