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August 11, 2014


Hope CenterWhen Ray Hughes showed me a trailer in the middle of a trailer park neighborhood in the Cy-Fair, Houston area last week, I didn't understand it's significance at first. But then he pointed to the sign, Hope Center, and showed me inside.

Ray explained that Cy-Hope, the non-profit his church started, asked themselves how they could make a difference in this neighborhood and help the children. The answer was an after school program for kids. So Cy-Hope bought a trailer, built the Hope Center and now all the kids in the neighborhood go there to learn, play and engage in healthy activities after school. The kid's grades have improved dramatically all because a local church/non-profit asked what does this community need and then built the answer.

Interestingly, there is another church about 100 feet from this neighborhood, basically right next door, with a big iron fence around it to keep the kids in the neighborhood out. Yet, Cy-Hope chose to move into the neighborhood and welcome the children with an open heart. The kids are thriving because someone gave them HOPE and took action to show them what it looks like.

I believe this is symbolic of the choice we all have. We can choose hope and faith or imprison ourselves with fear. We can choose to give hope to others or build an iron fence around our lives and heart. When we live with hope and take action to give hope to others we become all we are meant to be.

You might not buy a trailer and build a hope center but you can turn your life, work and home into a center of hope. Let's start the building process today!

- Jon

Stay tuned! We are going to be embarking on a number of Hope Building projects with our #LoveServeCare initiative!


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