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Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture | by Jon Gordon

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Soup: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture | by Jon Gordon

SOUP: A Recipe to Nourish Your Team and Culture

From the bestselling author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp

Soup, an inspirational business fable, shares a recipe for success filled with the essential ingredients to build a winning team and create a culture of greatness.

Only a few months into her new job, Nancy wondered whether or not she should have said yes to the CEO position at Soup, Inc. Sales were declining, bankruptcy rumors were swirling, and employee morale had never been lower. The company had lost both flavor and heat; and nobody likes lukewarm soup. How was Nancy going to turn it around? Sometimes the answer you need is right in front of you. On a lunch break, Nancy steps into Grandma’s Soup House, a little place she hadn’t noticed before, and happens upon an unexpected source of inspiration.

Soup tells the “stirring” story of how Nancy discovers the key ingredients to revitalize her company, her team, and herself. A recipe for success for anyone in any position, Soup delivers the powerful message that the quality of your career, business, and team is determined by the quality of your relationships. People are hungry for positive change and a fresh sense of purpose and passion. If you are ready to stir the pot and lead by example, Soup is a fun and engaging story that supplies you with the tools you need to build a winning team—at work, school, or home.


Praise for SOUP:

"So often we only concern ourselves with wins and losses. We overlook what is at the core of success and that is the “culture” of the team that is created by the leader or leadership group. If you create a culture where all members of the team can thrive and do their jobs effectively, than the score will take care of it self. Jon gives you the recipe of how to create a culture of greatness for your team, organization or family."

- Mike Smith, Head Coach, The Atlanta Falcons

"It’s often said you get out what you put in. Same goes for how we lead our teams (at work, home or school). In SOUP, Jon Gordon has done a masterful job of illustrating the necessity of this point for anyone who wishes to increase their influence, build a better team or expand their leadership effectiveness. The one who stirs the pot is the one who impacts the flavor of the soup just as the one who leads the team is the one who creates the culture around it. This book will help you add flavor to your life, the lives of others and your team."

- Carl Liebert, CEO, 24 Hour Fitness

"If you are ready to stir the pot and lead your team with more optimism, passion, and trust, you will love this book."

- Deborah Gilmore, President, Women's Council of REALTORS®

"A lot of my job as a leader is to help others unleash their gifts and passions. Sometimes these gifts appear to be hidden beneath the surface but with a little heat and care, they bubble up to the surface. That’s what you’ll find in SOUP by Jon Gordon. Told in and entertaining parable form, SOUP will help you understand how to nurture the greatness in others so that you can become great as a team."

- Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor of National Community Church and author of Primal

"There’s a common problem in business today. It’s a people problem... but maybe not in the way you would think. We spend so much time focusing on the bottom line that many fail to focus on the people who make the bottom line what it is. People matter and how we lead them matters. This is why I recommend Jon Gordon’s new book. It’s provides the recipe for mobilizing and engaging a team."

- Chris Brogan, New York Times bestselling author of Social Media 101

"In a world where leaders are pulled in a million different directions Soup reminds us that we must make time to cultivate engaged relationships in order to build a winning organization and team."

- Margaret Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, RE/MAX International, Inc.

"Jon Gordon continually finds unique and creative ways to reveal the essential components of an efficient organization and always does so with great depth and insight. Soup provides the key ingredients to establishing culture and is another example of how Gordon’s writing transcends common thought."

- Sam Presti, Executive Vice President & General Manager, OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER

"Once again, Jon cooks up a world-class recipe for business emphasizing that the key to ultimate leadership success is enabling your employees to deliver excellence."

- Ryan Magnon, VP Quality, The West Paces Hotel Group

"Culture is the most powerful tool in a leader’s toolbox. Worth nothing on paper, but worth millions when people put their hearts and minds together to accomplish a common goal. Jon Gordon has got it right in his latest book...Soup. When leaders understand the importance of a great culture nothing can stop people from reaching their full potential."

- Gary Chartrand, Executive Chairman, Acosta Inc.


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