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July 11, 2016

Come Together Right Now

I remember as a child, when my parents were having problems in their marriage, I asked my mom if they were getting divorced. She said, "No because we love each other and when there is love you find a way to work it out."

Given the horrific events that have happened recently it appears that our country could be headed for a great divorce. A division of irreconcilable differences based on color, opinions, hate and anger.

But when my son asked me the other day if our country was going to fall apart I said no because I believe deep down we love each other and love our country and when there is love you find a way to work it out.

Sure, from all the hate spewing on television and social media you might think I'm just being idealistic. But actually it's not idealism that guides me but truth. I admit that I'm a pessimistic optimist. At first I allow negative events to really affect me but then I have this eternal hope because I know deep down love is all that is, all that we are and all that remains in the end.

Everything else fades away but love endures.

If love is all that is and all that endures then why is there so much anger and hate? Why do things appear so hopeless?

Because we live in a world of duality. There is night and day, positive and negative, good and evil, and the ultimate battle between love and fear.

Right now fear is causing people to look OUTSIDE where they see color and differences and "us" and "them." This leads to a feeling of separateness which leads to division.

But if we look INSIDE to the soul we realize the truth that we are one. There's no "us" and "them." Love is all that is and this leads to a feeling of oneness which leads to healing and unity.

This is why teams and organizations that love each other also thrive. And teams and organization that are fueled by fear eventually crumble. Fear is draining and love is sustaining. Fear divides and love unites.

The fear that is currently dividing our country is the same fear that sabotages marriages, careers, teams and organizations.

The antidote is the same for all of it and it is love.

Love is truth.

Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is an allusion, a big lie.

We can look outside and believe the lie or look inside and know the truth.

We can allow the lie to continue to divide us over time or we can let the truth inspire us to come together right now.

The Great Uniters throughout history knew this and they lead with love instead of fear and we can do the same.

When there is love you find a way to work it out and I believe we will.

- Jon


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