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June 22, 2015


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Control what you can Control

If you watched the U.S. Open Golf Championship this weekend you heard a number of golfers complain about the conditions of the course. This created a lot of buzz on social media. Many agreed with their complaints and many others called them whiners and babies.

The truth is they had every right to complain. The course was horrible and the greens were like concrete. But the bigger question is should they?

For me, the answer is as simple as the No Complaining Rule which says you are not allowed to complain unless you have a solution. No mindless toxic complaining and any complaints should serve as a catalyst for innovations and improvements.

So if you were a golfer who finished your final round and you complained about the course with the intention of improving the USGA's decisions and actions for future championships, then you had every right to complain.

However, if you complained while playing during the tournament, you were engaging in toxic complaining and only hurting yourself.

On ESPN radio, a golf writer said the golfers who complained the most seemed to be doing the worst while those who complained the least were doing the best. I wasn't surprised.

Toxic complaining causes you to focus on everything but being your best. It sabotages you and your performance. Complaining about something you can't control is a waste of energy, focus and time.

We saw a similar situation play out during the Great Recession. When it hit, many complained about the economy, feared the worst, stopped growing and ultimately saw their businesses crumble. On the other hand, those that embraced the challenges and change worked hard, stayed positive, innovated and actually thrived.

Whether it's the U.S. Open or the U.S. Economy, challenges are going to arise. There will always be something to complain about. But you have a choice. You can complain about things you can't control or you can control what you can control and let go of what you can't. You can focus on your problems or focus on getting better. You can look for an excuse or you can look within and find your best.

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