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October 17, 2016

It Really Happens

A teacher sent me an email with the subject IT REALLY HAPPENS and shared this story:

"I am a teacher of 7th grade students. I have been teaching for a while, last year I was burned out in October. OCTOBER!! I stumbled and clawed my way to winter break and dreaded the day when I would have to go back. I knew something had to change but I didn't know where to start. As I began searching for a solution, your work kept popping up. I stumbled across and began researching. I asked my students their biggest fear they had when coming into my classroom. I asked them to be true and not flippant because I could see it in their eyes. The answers were heartbreaking. I have students that are two years advanced in math and students that are two years behind in math but their fears were similar. I showed them clips of your speaking engagements I found on Youtube, we set about getting a "word" and I posted it in the room, we read the positive pledge everyday and we talked about feeding the positive dog. I would not allow any negative talk - no energy vampires - and we changed the atmosphere in my classroom."

She's right. It really does happen but only when amazing people like her make it happen. I just provide the tools but it's people who take action and put them into practice that make all the difference. When I speak I often say the genius is not on stage. It's in the audience. And there's nothing more exciting than hearing stories like this to see how your genius is unleashed and shared.

You don't have to let the negativity persist. You don't have to let apathy and indifference be the status quo. You don't have to be one of the walking dead who hate their jobs. You can do what this teacher did and decide to make a difference today. You can live with passion, purpose and positivity. You can find your one word, feed the Positive Dog, neutralize the energy vampires, discover some tools and unleash your genius today.

I'm sending positive energy your way!


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