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July 18, 2016

You Win in the Locker Room FirstYou Win in the Locker Room First

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Defeating Murphy's Law

You've heard of Murphy's Law right? Whatever can go wrong will go wrong... and usually at the worst possible time.

Unfortunately Murphy's Law seems to play out all too often and when a series of bad things happen to you it can lead you to expect more bad things to happen. Instead of hoping for the best you start to expect the worst and act accordingly.

Gus Bradley, the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, told me about a great way he helps his team deal with negative events (a crucial interception, penalty, injury, bad weather, etc.) and avoid the victim mindset that can accompany them.

During Training Camp Gus tells his team about this fictional guy Murphy who the law is named after. Murphy is a big jerk who wants to ruin their practice, games and season. He says that Murphy often shows up at the worst possible time. But instead of being scared of Murphy when he shows up they are going to tackle him when they find him.

They expect to see Murphy and when they do they have an even greater expectation that they will defeat him. Instead of a victim mindset they have a hero mindset. Victims and heroes both get knocked down but heroes get back up and, armed with belief, optimism and grit, turn their challenges into triumphs.

You can do the same.

Life is filled with challenging circumstances but you can rise above them. Life is hard but you are strong. The struggle is real but so is your ability to overcome it.

As my friend Erwin McManus said, "Greatness is never born from easy circumstances. We can become stronger when the world becomes harder."

So when adversity hits don't run from it. Don't be scared of it. Face it. Take it on and keep moving forward.

Murphy is tough but you are tougher.

- Jon


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