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August 7, 2017

FROM 6 TO 6000

As I write this I'm on my way to Nashville to speak at Avon's annual meeting of 6,000 people.

Please know I'm not sharing the number 6,000 to brag. I share it because the reason why I was selected as the speaker was because I did a workshop 8 years ago for 6 people.

The workshop was held at the Spa at Woodloch in the Pocono Mountains. Woodloch and I both promoted the event. We expected at least 100 people to attend but a whopping 6 people showed up.

I remember being a little disappointed that only a few people were there but I didn't let the low turnout deter me. I gave every ounce of energy to those 6 people and it turns out the current president of social selling for Avon, who was with another company at the time, was one of those people.

I had long forgot about that workshop until we received a call from Avon about 7 months ago inviting me to speak and telling me why they selected me. The president remembered my workshop and still utilized some of the principles I shared.

I couldn't believe it. My desire to make a difference in the lives of 6 people eight years ago turned into an opportunity to impact the lives of 6,000.

I've learned that when we are faithful in the small things we will be given more opportunities to do bigger things.

Yes we all want to be on the big stage, appear on the big tv show, work on the big account, make the big sale and get the big job right now. But big opportunities and responsibilities come from doing the small things with a big dose of passion, love, purpose and excellence.

I want to encourage you to be faithful with what you have and where you are today. Don't worry about your greatness in the future. Just be great today.

Don't chase success. Decide to get better every day, do great work and success will find you.

Make a difference in the lives of the people in front of you. Don't look past them to see your destination. Realize the people in front of you are the ones who will lead you to your destination.

Be like The Seed. Plant yourself where you are and from humble beginnings you will grow to greater heights.

- Jon


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