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April 22, 2019

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How to Find Happiness at Work


Zappos believes in delivering it.

Coke wants you to open it.

Countless books try to help you achieve it.

Research demonstrates that you are more productive with it.

And yet the truth is that so few people feel it at work.


Is it because leaders don’t create "happy" workplaces?

Is it because work is inherently miserable?

Or perhaps it's because of our attitudes about work?

There's really no definitive answer here.

A negative boss, bad working conditions and a toxic culture can certainly make people unhappy.

I’ve also seen how leaders can create happier and more productive employees by creating the right culture and work environment.

However, I believe the biggest determinant of our happiness at work is... us.

Our happiness has less to do with forces outside of us and more to do with what's inside of us.

Happiness is an inside job.

I’ve met bus drivers, janitors and fast-food employees who are more passionate about their jobs and happier than some professional athletes making millions of dollars.

Our happiness comes not from the work we do but from how we feel about the work we do. And to feel great about the work we do it’s essential to fuel up with passion and purpose. As I wrote in The Seed, happiness is a byproduct of living and working with passion and purpose.

But Jon, I don't know what my passion and purpose is, you might say.

It's ok. The first step is to be the SEED, plant yourself where you are and begin to serve and make a difference. When you plant yourself and make a difference passion flows through you, purpose begins to reveal itself, people want to be around you and you feel happier.

When you work with passion and purpose you don't have to seek happiness, rather it finds you.

Start planting and cultivating it today!

The Seed- Jon

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