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November 6, 2017

Power of Positive Leadership Teleseminar

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While watching the NYC marathon I remembered a statistic that most runners quit in the 20th mile. They don't quit in the first mile because they are just getting started. And they don't quit in the last mile because, even though their body is physically exhausted, they see the finish line and keep moving towards it.

Most runners quit in the 20th mile because that's when they are physically tired and mentally drained. That's when they lose their vision for the road ahead, so they give up.

I have found that we all have a 20th mile.

Teachers tell me their 20th mile is often in March. Professional football players tell me it usually occurs during the third quarter of the season. Sales professionals tell me their 20th mile often occurs at the start of a new year after completing a sales cycle. It's at that moment that they feel they have traveled so far and yet have such a long way to go.

Our 20th mile may be different for each of us but the way to conquer it is the same.

Keep your vision alive!

See the finish line.

Keep moving forward.

Remember where you are going and why you are going there.

Don't give up.

No matter how tired you feel, no matter how much you want to quit, no matter what obstacle is in your way, keep moving towards the vision you have for your future.

If you can see it, you can create it. If you have a vision you also have the power to make it happen.

Take a piece a paper and write down the words "20th mile." Then write down when you experience your 20th mile during the year and the words, "Keep my vision alive."

Take a picture of this paper. Post it somewhere you can see it.

Share it with me on FB, Instagram or Twitter and let's conquer our 20th mile together.

I read that 50,000 people finished the NYC marathon this year.

My hope is that you and millions more will move past the 20th mile in your lives to realize your vision and reach your destination with your hands in the air, victorious.

Then when the year is over you can begin again.

As Nike says, "There is no finish line."

There are new races to be run, new 20th miles to be conquered, new visions to be realized and new destinations to be reached.

Keep your vision alive! Your future is waiting for you!

Thank you for reading,

- Jon


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