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September 18, 2017


Charles MullyDo you know about Charles Mully?

If you don’t he’s someone you need to know about.


Because his story will impact your story.

Because he is changing the world, one child at a time.

Mully was abandoned by his family at the age of 6 and forced to live and beg on the streets of Kenya for most of his childhood.

At 17 he walked 70 kilometers to Nairobi where he worked several jobs before becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own transportation company at the age of 23.

For the next two decades Mully transformed his one vehicle operation into an agricultural, oil and gas business conglomerate that made him a very wealthy man.

Mully had it all; a happy marriage, seven children, and all the pinnacles of wealth and success. But one day he encountered a group of kids who lived on the streets like he did as a child and couldn't get them out of his mind. He knew he had to do something and that something turned into the unthinkable.

Mully sold everything he owned and spent his fortune to rescue, house, nurture, educate, and help kids from the streets of Kenya. He gave up everything to help those who had nothing.

In a short amount of time Mully and his family had hundreds of street kids living with them. This impacted the stability of his family and presented many challenges to his own children but Mully knew it was part of a bigger plan. He wasn't just providing shelter. He was creating a much bigger family where all these abandoned children became brothers and sisters and Mully became their father.

Mully eventually moved his bigger family to a large arid plot of land that miraculously (the movie shares all the details) became hydrated, bountiful farm land and a self sustaining community and home of Mully Children’s Family (MCF) that has transformed the lives of thousands of street kids.

It is estimated that since 1989 Mully and his wife have taken in 23,000 abandoned children, many who have since attended college and become successful teachers, doctors, nurses, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Other children have returned to MCF as adults to transform the lives of the next generation of Mully’s children.

In reading this I hope you don’t gloss over the numbers. Let them really sink in. We are talking about 23,000 children!

23,000 children with no home, no family, no future!

But one selfless couple gave up their fortune and comfortable life to change the world, one child at a time.

And the number continues to grow as there are currently 3000 more children housed by MCF.

Mully is known as the father of the fatherless and the father to the world’s biggest family. Those who know him and meet him say he's a Saint. Most of the world knows of Mother Teresa and hopefully they will know about Mully too.

I never heard about Mully until this summer. My wife and I met our new friends Paul and Amy Blavin in Los Angeles. Paul told me that after hearing about Mully and his story he traveled to Africa to meet him and the experience changed his life. A successful businessman, Paul was inspired to share Mully’s story with the world. Paul and Amy invited me, my wife and children to see a private screening of the movie Mully and it truly impacted us in a deep way. Even our teenage children were engaged with the movie and transformed by it.

And now you can see the movie too! It will be in theaters for 3 days. October 3,4,5.

See it with your family. See it with your team. Click here to watch the trailer, find a theater near you and purchase tickets.

You can help change the world one child at a time because for every movie ticket purchased $15 will be donated to help over 100,000 orphans in the United States and Kenya.

Please know I'm not getting paid to share this. I've never sold advertisements for this newsletter which I've been sharing since 2002. I only share what I'm passionate about and I’m passionate about Mully's story and this movie.

I believe Mully's story will impact your story.

I believe you are reading this for a reason.

I believe seeing this movie will inspire you to do something in your own unique way to change the world.

I hope you share this with others so a few years from now when people are asked if they have heard of Mully the answer will be YES and I'm BETTER FOR IT!

- Jon

Mully Movie


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