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"Jon, never underestimate the power of an outside voice."

A CEO shared these words with me after I had just spoken to his company.

"We brought you here to reinforce our message," he said. "Our folks get tired of hearing us say it but when it comes from an outside voice it's new, fresh and exciting."

I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Even though I'm brought in to speak to some of the biggest names in sports and business, my kids have little interest in hearing what I have to say. : ) From what many parents tell me on my travels I know I'm not alone.

So, when my children were growing up, besides writing inspirational messages on whiteboards in their rooms, I utilized outside voices to reinforce the messages and principles I wanted to share with them.

I still utilize outside voices today! I have found coaches, tutors, mentors, experts, etc. to encourage, coach, teach, push and bring out the best in my children.

I also give them books to read by others and share inspiring Youtube videos and messages from role models such as Ed Mylett, Cori Close, Erwin McManus, Christine Caine and other inspirational people.

And it's exactly why we put on The Positive Summit every year to give you and your people FREE online access to some of the most inspiring voices around (This years summit is April 19-23 featuring me, Damian Lillard, Ed Mylett, Jamie Kern Lima, Jay Glazer, Jenna Kutcher and many more. Sign up at

There's something about the power of an outside voice. I want to encourage you to use outside voices to share and reinforce important principles and messages with your team at work and at home.

I will do all I can do to support you by continuing to write books, give talks, offer our Positive Leadership and Positive Team trainings, share on social media and provide even more resources (such as this newsletter) to be an outside voice for you and others. I know it's my purpose and I'm glad to be of help since no one will listen to me at my home. : )

But please know there are many outside voices and I encourage you to find the right people and resources to share with your team at work and home. Be intentional and keep it up. Sometimes it may not seem like they're listening, but they are and it only takes one voice to create a spark that transforms someones life and work forever.

There's the power of an outside voice and you can start tapping into one today!

- Jon
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